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Before working with Ed, my biggest obstacle was asking for money. I was charging $500 a month for my services. Ed added a zero to that and within a month I had 4 clients paying me $5,000. Now I make over 6-Figures. It's all due to Ed.
- Irene Tomoe Cooper

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  • Ed Rush
    Fighter Pilot, 7-Figure Consultant | All Around Good Guy

Discover the Marketing “Secret Weapon” That’s Already Proven to Close More and Bigger Consulting Deals - With Reliability & Predictability...

Here's Just SOME Of What You'll Learn:

  1. You’re going to see, step-by-step a single lead generation and closing method that closed a $29,000, a $70,000, a $8,900 and an $18,500 deal in two weeks that can be used in any business with no training, no experience, no software or special technology required.

  2. You’re going to discover how someone who failed Kindergarten became the #1 fighter pilot in the Marine Corps and how the same strategy he used can work for you to close bigger deals for more money. NOTE - it’s crazy...there is literally a 1-to-1 correlation of this “cockpit” strategy into business.

  3. You’ll find out the 6 main things that are holding you back from closing $10,000+ deals right now. (Make sure to bring a pen and a pad of paper...these are important...and ONE will surprise you.)

  4. Ed is going to give you a step-by-step checklist - just a few things - so that when you line these up, you are flat out guaranteed to start making money and helping people.

  5. NEW (never-before-seen-or-heard) Content. Ed Rush and I have been working on a totally new approach to closing big consulting deals. This approach called the “6-Figure Text Message” has been instrumental for us in closing deals between $29,000 and $70,000. And we’re going to show you the exact formula, word-for-word.

  6. You'll see the result of 4 years of research that we call “The 5 Most Lucrative Business Models.” (One of these will surprise you.) These can create a major breakthrough for you when you implement them correctly even if you’re in transition, reinventing yourself or don’t have a business or product of your own.

  7. You'll discover the “8 Words to Double Your Deals” Technique. If you want to either: close more deals or close bigger deals, these 8 words are for you.


They say you only really regret the opportunities you don't take. This training is 100% free and only requires an hour of your time.  You really have NOTHING to lose and potentially millions of dollars to gain...

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