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Get Seen, Heard, Read, Listened To, Watched, Viewed, Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device, On Demand.

This is the Age of You Everywhere Now

We specialize in helping you to build, promote, and monetize your brand by
engaging, educating, entertaining and delighting your audience!

Start Here: GoLive and Profit!

If you want to stand out, get attention, attract better customers, close more deals and increase your profits without doing more work, then you’re going to love GoLive and Profit. This easy system will help you get attention, found, seen, heard, watched & read on any device, anytime, anywhere & on demand! Watch this short video and learn more.


Publish & Profit Live Event!

Write, Publish, Promote and Become a Bestselling Author in 3 Days, Guaranteed! Becoming A Bestselling Author is the Ultimate Business Branding and Positioning Tool.  Join Us at Our Next Live Event,  Where You Become a Bestselling Author.


Publish & Profit Digital Course

The Publish and Profit System is a proven, step-by-step process for becoming a Bestselling Author, so you can position yourself as an expert in your field.


Publish & Profit Digital Certification Course

The Publish and Profit Certification System, certifies you as an expert in our system.  This allows you to add this service to your existing business or begin a brand new business offering these services to your clients.


Celebrity Bootcamp

If You're Ready to Book More Speaking Engagements, Be Featured as an Expert in Your Field on TV, then Come “Behind the Scenes” with Mike Koenigs, Ed Rush and Team and Get Personal On Camera Coaching, Masterminding, and Walk Away with a Professional Video Interview and Sizzle Reel.


Consult & Profit Digital Course

Get in on the system that's already PROVEN to show you how to close more and bigger deals. Sign up to attend our free masterclass to learn more.


Webcast Profit Toolkit

Create, Promote and Sell Online with Webcasts.  This is the Ultimate Live Video Marketing and Money-Making System.


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Learn how to achieve your goals of being seen, heard, read, watched, and listened to at anytime, anywhere. You can be in every pocket, screen, car, bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, office, boardroom live or on demand.